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Author: Valentine
Version: 1.0.3
NetMaker is a structure for creating 2D online games. It is currently considered a beta and is still in active development.


Version 1.0.1
-Bug at the conclusion of the corrected trade;
-Drop items from finished inventory;
-Teleport or kick all players online by typing all completed;
-Bug in player view and events corrected;
-Bug of enemies crossed player corrected;
-Creatment of teleportation without comments;
-Bug SP player does not upgrade when using SP recovery potion corrected;
-Bug in Visual Equipament corrected;
-More administrator commands;
-Bug on the corrected mouse;
-Move player with keys W, A, S and D completed.
Version 1.0.2
-Bug on corrected player removal;
-Excessive problem of corrected server processing;
-Bug on fixed tileset locks;
-Bug in the amount of drop corrected.
Version 1.0.3
-Bug fixed in switch;
-Bug fixed in VE;
-clsocket.dll updated.


» Login
» Character creation
» Shop
» Trade
1) How to make the server work:
To learn how to make the server work, see Read me.
2) Data update:
Use the converter when you make any changes to the map, classes and/or enemies of the database. The converter updates the server information, ensuring that there are no errors.
3) Translation to Englis:
To translate the client's vocabulary into English, replace the [ND] Vocab script to:


# ** Vocab
# This module is about vocabulary.
# Author: Valentine
module Vocab
  # Login and register
  USERNAME            = 'User'
  PASSWORD            = 'Password'
  EMAIL               = 'Email'
  REMEMBER            = 'Remember?'
  REGISTER            = 'Register'
  CONNECT             = 'Connect'
  ONLINE              = 'Server online'
  OFFLINE             = 'Server offline'
  # Character creation
  NAME                = 'Name'
  SEX                 = 'Sex:'
  CLASS               = 'Class:'
  GRAPHIC             = 'Graphic:'
  POINTS              = 'Points:'
  MALE                = 'Man'
  FEMALE              = 'Woman'
  # Hero
  LEVEL               = 'Level:'
  # Chat
  MAP                 = 'Map'
  GLOBAL              = 'Global'
  PRIVATE             = 'Private'
  INVALID_NAME        = 'Invalid name!'
  NOT_PVP             = 'You can not attack this player or in this place!'
  NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY    = 'Insufficient money!'
  INVALID_COMMAND     = 'Invalid command!'
  # Alert
  SERVER_OFFLINE      = 'The server is offline!'
  INSUFFICIENT        = '%s must be at least 3 characters!'
  FORBIDDEN_CHARACTER = 'Forbidden character!'
  INVALID_USERNAME    = 'Invalid or logged in user!'
  INVALID_PASSWORD    = 'Invalid password!'
  INVALID_EMAIL       = 'Invalid email!'
  REGISTER_SUCCESSFUL = 'Account registered successfully!'
  ALREADY_EXISTS      = 'This user already exists!'
  CHAR_EXIST          = 'This name is already being used!'
  OLD_VERSION         = "This version is old. Please upgrade!"
  KICKED              = 'You were kicked out of the game.!'
  BANNED              = 'You have been banned!'
  TELEPORTED          = 'You have been teleported!'
  ACCOUNT_BANNED      = 'You have been banned!'
  IP_BANNED           = 'Your IP has been banned!'
  SERVER_FULL         = "The server is full! Try again later!"
  # Choice
  ASK                 = 'Are you sure?'
  TRADE_REQUEST       = 'Invited you to an trade. Accept?'
  # Help
  CONSUMABLE          = 'Consumable:'
  HP_RECPOINTS        = 'Rec. HP:'
  SP_RECPOINTS        = 'Rec. SP:'
  SP_COST             = 'Cost of SP:'
  POWER               = 'Power:'
  HIT                 = 'Hit (%):'
  EQUIPABLE           = 'Can be equipped by'
  NOT_EQUIPABLE       = 'Can not be equipped by'
  # Options
  LOGIN               = 'Back to login'
  EXIT                = 'Exit game'
  # Trade
  TRADE_DECLINED      = 'Declined the trade.'
  TRADE_COMPLETE      = 'want to complete the trade. Accept?'
  IN_TRADE            = 'This player is already on an trade.'
  # Buttons
  OK                  = 'Ok'
  CANCEL              = 'Cancel'
  YES                 = 'Yes'
  NO                  = 'No'
  ACCEPT              = 'Accept'
  DELETE              = 'Delete'
  CREATE              = 'Create'
  # Menus
  MOTD                = 'News'
  LOGIN_ACC           = 'Login'
  REGISTER_NEW_ACC    = 'Account creation'
  CREATE_CHAR         = 'Character creation'
  ALERT               = 'Alert'
  CHARACTER           = 'Character'
  OPTIONS             = 'Options'
  SHOP                = 'Shop'
  AMOUNT              = 'Amount'
  TRADE               = 'Trade'
  # Battle
  MISS                = 'Miss!'
  CRITICAL            = 'Critical!'
  LEVEL_UP            = 'Level up!'



Some systems created by the community:
Paulo Soreto
Kaique Hunter
Edited by Valentine90

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