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Need a plugin to display a variable in a window

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I need a plugin to display a variable in a window, particularly during a number entry. I have an event set up to act as a Gold Vault where you can withdraw & deposit gold. It's important that the player knows how much is stored in the vault (variable) when entering the withdrawal amount, other wise they might end up accidentally enter a higher amount then what's already there & getting a message saying that they don't have that much stored. And some players like me might have bad short-term memory & can't remember how much is there.


It would be nice to also display a icon before the variable as well. I hope someone can help me with this.

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If you use Yanfly's Alt Save Screen plug-in, you avoid needing another plug-in as it would show the first six variables. (Alternate currency is also a way to do so, which is also from Yanfly, but we're not talking about multiple payment methods.)


Other than that, I'd have to find one to actually help in better regards. For now, this could be used as a temp solve.


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