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Card Design Critique

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Hey forums,

   Looking for some general advice to make my cards look less noobish. I'm hoping for info regarding the structure/layout of the cards which could then be applied to improve all my cards, although suggestions specific to the examples I provide wouldn't hurt me either ;)


There's two card types: Troop card



(stars by the name indicate Officer cards or tribute summons in other people words)



and Command cards (with both flavour text and instructions for use these need to have room for text)






As you can see, right now they're pretty bland and generic looking. Editing the RTP is about the extent of my ability so that's something to keep in mind; always happy to learn something new though :3

More examples can be provided if it helps.

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This is just my opinion...(

These card's looks a bit flat maybe? I can't define it but I know when I see it)

They look pretty good, but if you ask me... I may give some box background behind text and some round background behind crystal or sword icon to make them look neat...

~that's all...

anyway good works.... by the way is this like YuGiOh cards game?

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For me the best way for a card to become appealing is that it provides clear information while looking cool at the same time. Less clutter and much more focused artwork.


For example, look at the Magic The Gathering cards, their simplicity was one of their strengths when it comes to card design. Information text can also be seen neatly and the contrast between the artwork and the card background is great. 

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@Perang Cemen Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, it is quite YuGiOhish; you can get a better idea by looking here

That's pretty outdated by now though. Striving to get a new build out by year's end though :) Will be looking to remake the cards after that.

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As already stated,the text is rather meshed with the background of the cards so I recommend a text box background to them. Maybe even a 90% transparency of, for instance, black for the red cards and a dark cyan for the blue cards. It doesn't stick out as much with a bit of transparancy but it still gives you a solid background to read the text.


I also feel the bottom edge of the cards look rather... empty. Maybe a small credits or something can go there (if you ever wanna use others images) or just an icon/text stating it's rarity. Maybe even having the monsters star level down here would make it less empty (and gives you more space in the name field for those rare monsters that have super long names (Sky Beast of the Starry Millennial Skies))


Overall, looking good :D The "flame effect" your used for the magic cards really brings back memories~

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Imposed Martyrdom is my favorite. Suicide never looked so cute ^_^


I agree with Takeo that the bottom edges is just begging to have something added. Not sure what you can really add unless there's other information related to gameplay. Or maybe add a logo/design and  maybe some shameless self promotion!  Or sell ad space for sponsors. You could have the NASCAR of card games! :P


Announcer: Lonequeso plays the Revenge card sponsored by Arby's. Arby's. It's almost food.


The red cards look like electricity that caught on fire. Personally, I''d like to see them with less contrast. They'd look more like magma at a low contrast. 

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