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Hello there! Even if I registered here some time ago, I haven´t done anything until now. Let me introduce myself:


I´m Tonko, and I am a new RPG Maker VX Ace user; I got it for 1 USD during the Humble Bundle´s sale. Since then, I have been working on many projects


I am from Argentina, a South American country. My native language is Spanish.


I do have many pets (2 cats, 1 dog, 3 tortoises, 1 dove and 1 rat), but my favorite animal will be always the cat =^.^=


I have 2 computers, but because of hardware specs stuff, I can only use RPG Maker in the desktop one.


Right now I am working in two RPG Maker games: One of them is a horror one, and the other one is about adventure. However, since I have no idea how the battle system works, none of them has battles :/


Anyway, Hope we have a good time together! :)

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Hey Tonko, welcome to the forums. Tortoises are cool, I kind of want one but I'm not responsible enough to be a good pet owner :3

Good luck with your projects. Games don't need battles but don't shy away from them because you don't know yet; devving is all about learning and improving!

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