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Ok, I'm going to go ahead and share these little guys.  Hopefully they'll find a nice home on your icon sheets, and bring a little bit of the modern world to your game.  More to Come.

Feel free to use these in commercial or non-commercial games.  Also, feel free to edit however you wish.  Please give credit to MakerZeroOne.


Bokuto.png.54bb2d2275aa418d0f810f327665e0a1.png Bokuto
HandgunAmmo.png.4b0f420bb938da87ef7b64eaf6dfa5ad.png Handgun Ammo (or candy corn if that's what you see)
RifleCartridge.png.34d401e6c7ed0ea803aea41ac10ec267.png Rifle Ammo
MachineGunLink.png.92f592a826dcf80365370d4f4846621b.png Machine Gun Ammo Belt
ShotgunShells.png.f810b292a300004511a0213d459a8230.png Shotgun Shells
RailGunSlug.png.e3c73c3404042b8371d753165bd2f8de.png Metal Bolt/Slug (modeled after real Rail-Gun slugs)
EnergyPack.png.95a158466b2f28550397d965660b97fc.png Energy Ammo/ Battery
FragGrenade.png.6fa0d280e789b4cb0e353f971a7e638c.png M67 Frag Grenade
FlashBang.png.457a45d0d28656d91f68bae5961cf66f.png M84 Stun Grenade (Flash Bang)
SmokeGrenade.png.6110e03b95c04e51ce31d234b17619b2.png M18 Smoke Grenade
Molotov.png.cfa5fb6922a323eb994370242522bbb9.png Molotov  (Because it's not a political party until it's a cocktail party!)

Character IMG sets:

Canopy Energy Shield - I find it is best used as a door event to turn on, self switch, then cycle through the bottom frames with stepping animation on. Also, with the pixel offset and the size of it, it seems to work best if you place this event below the event or sprite that you want shielded.  It is transparent .i'm proud of this one ^^

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