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Help! Fomar ATB Action Times not working

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In my game, I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine and the Fomar ATB add-on. I have a character that has the skill "Finishing Touch" where if the skill kills an enemy, a common event is ran through Yanfly's Death Common Event script. The common event adds a state to the character that changes the action times to 100%, effectively giving him another turn, or so I thought. The ATB would just ignore the state and continue as normal. I changed the action times percentage to 200% and got the same result. Even after fiddling with the ATB script so the state would give a haste effect of 100x the normal ATB speed to fill it up, the ATB would just drop back to 0 after the state is applied. I don't know if I'm going about giving extra turns the right way, but any help is appreciated!

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