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Desert of Solitude Poem

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Something I wrote last night.



Through the desert I walk with dry soul and pain in bones,

Tired of mirages and disheartened of the mind's illusions,

Forced to accept the fate which was brought by myself,


I left behind high slopes and narrow dunes of sand,

Unknowing that ahead was just more of the behind

Accompanied only by the solitude of thought


The bonds of past lie in grains scattered by the wind,

Their echoes shouting all across the desert sea,

For only those of crooked mind may hear and see


Every now and then my steps lead me astray

Lead me back to an oasis where Others lay

Others whose echoes are not in sync with mine


I approach with steady pace and careful glance,

“I’ve been here before!” my mind cries,

My knees drop as my burned lips touch the water


“Welcome back” the Others greet,

“Anything new?” I ask as I lie in the shade,

“Same old, same new, there’s nothing here for you!”


“Alas, but something is, a new face I see”,

“Ours and not yours is She” their voice cry in unison

And underneath the palm tree She sat taciturn


“Ours and not yours is her pain to bear” they continued

“Her voice does not echo yours” I howl enraged

I turn my gaze to She as pain and loneliness envelop me


“Cast out of their choir and alone I sing,

Their madness and shouts, I confront with each step

With only echoes of those that were like me to stand.”


“There’s no more green and blue in me.” she cries

“Others sing this is all that ever is to be!”

“This is where respite is found forever” the Others join in


“The Others live in light without the rays ever touching them

They are scared of the sunburn and coldness of the night

They do not know how to face this ever ending desert!”


“Do you?” asked the Others

“You who seek the Void time and again out there only to return

And every time we see you, you bear more scars and echo less”


“My echo does not grow silent, only my voice is weaker now

Only my companion hears it and Those that walked my path

Those that have, are and will tread in my footsteps”


“My steps carry me here again and again as this was once part of me”

“And we tell you time and again cease this folly for we will always be still”

“I am not!!” she yells


Just like that my bones strengthened and my soul was satiated

“You would walk alone and be maddened like this fool?” the Others asked

“He who never saw the green and blue, only shades”


“Nay, I saw glimpses of them as well” I intervene

“Along with Those across the slopes and dunes of gray”

Fueled and gorged I turned to She and my voice turned silent


My echo fell on her ears and her voice became silent

She wept and laughed, eyes burning bright.

No sounds, we just gazed and we parted ways.


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