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Questions for low end PCs

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Good Day Everyone!


So I published my new RPG game, which is a demo btw. My friend downloaded the game and started playing it. I found out that a lot of events in a map can cause little lag. But apparently my friend has a really bad computer, cause it crashed his game and slowed down his computer. This also means that people with bad PCs may not be able to play my game.


Q: So are there any solutions or scripts that can help me with this?


If someone can help me with this matter I will appreciate it.


Thanks in Advance,


Game: Land of Calgwin™ Demo

Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-demo



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Yeah, it's really easy to harm FPS in Ace.


Not sure if something could be magically done without scripts~ you'd probably have to reduce amount of these.


Though as for scripts, there are few anti-lag scripts available. You can give them a try.

Personally I was using Moghunter's Anti-lag script: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-anti-lag/ along with his many other scripts. Good times...


But there are some others as well, that I've just googled:

Victor Engine - Anti Lag

YSA - Simple Anti-lag Event

Lune Ultimate Anti-Lag formatting broke in that one; rip



Hope that helps! :) 

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In terms of performance, I think Source (the user, not the engine) has the best in the biz when it comes to anti-lags. Gotta pay though.

Second best, and free, is TheoAllen's.


But, better design is ultimately the winner in reducing lag; Don't give conflicting commands, erase stuff when its no longer needed and do more with less!

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To piggyback on what Tarq said, I used to have 3 Anti-Lags (bc having only 1 or 2 didn't work), and tho it was better overall, there was some bugs (ofc). After some time, I did a whole re-optimization of my game. I now have no anti-lag scripts, and my project runs well. Better Design > Anti-Lag Scripts (always - not sometimes or never).

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