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Anime Style Facesets Bust ups Even ANIMATED?!

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Welcome to the shop! I am currently suffering a disease, called intersistial cystitis, and have had a failed treatment that made my condition so severe I am unable to work. However, I have an ipad and can draw ANYWHERE (TMI)


Including the toilet..because of my disease is where I am most days, in horrible, horrible pain.

 ANYWHO the prices are HERE: 





But, if you use the animated bust ups plugin, I could also do things like, make blink frames for you, different emotion frames, and different mouth movements! I tested it as well. This is the plugin I use: 



could discuss a reasonable price for each frame, TBH, I'm thinkin $5 for a small mouth closed mouth and big mouth movement, additional $4 for blinking. 


you can see more examples of my art on twitter: https://twitter.com/CyrilleEifallyn

and I will make sure the lineart is very clean like this: 




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