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Hi I forgot to introduce myself 2-3 years ago

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I haven't properly introduced myself to this community and recently read this description:


Hello and welcome to the Community.

Please note: 

New members you need to have your first post approved by a Moderator. Once this has been done you will have access to all the features of the forum.

Any problems please contact a Moderator or Admin.

Thank you.


Which could be a problem lol I wonder if I'm restricted. I've been a member for probably 2 or 3 years? Not sure.

I'm a graphics artist, usually anime-style, and am working on an RPG with a fellow member here. Here are a  few of my illustrations:


BslNJoI.png UIrCx27.png ZHTBaAI.jpg kIZi4hr.png vWZpaBE.png 






I'm usually more active on Instagram and currently unavailable to work in group projects; however, if it's just one commission then I can consider (prices discussed). More information can be seen on my profile. 


So yeah, nice to formally meet everyone. lol


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