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Respawning Enemies

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I've created a multi-map dungeon, and I would like to set it so that once a player leaves the dungeon completely, all of the enemies inside respawn.

However, I'm also using the Sapphire Battle System, so it's making things a little bit more complicated.

The way I have enemies set up right now is this:

Event Page 1: SAS Enemy battle, turns on Self-Switch A when defeated

Event Page 2: Death Animation, gives player gold, turns on Self-Switch B

Event Page 3: Nothing


If I use erase event, then the enemies respawn when the player leaves the screen, but there are multiple maps in the dungeon. I would like the enemies to respawn only after the player leaves the dungeon.


There's got to be some solution involving switches or variables when a player enters or leaves the dungeon, and I'm hoping it's not literally creating a separate switch for each enemy, I just can't think of a good solution right now.


Any help would be appreciated!

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One way would be to use $game_self_switches[[map,event,'self_switch']] = false/true

so if you had the event for an enemy as event5 on map 12, you would use

$game_self_switches[[12, 5, 'B']] = false

$game_self_switches[[12, 5, 'A']] = false


Set this up for all your events in the dungeon.


Probably best to use a common event and just call the common event when leaving the dungeon.

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