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Sprites playing musical instruments

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I need some sprites of characters playing instruments like the flute, an ocarina and the harp


This is the only one that needs to be specific, he needs to play the flute.

And also, if someone can make a Kindred sprite, that would help too :D

I'm sorry but i can't offer any money, cause i'm just a student, but if someone is willing to make the sprites i'll put the name of the person on the credits of the game.

Thanks :D

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My editing skills leave much to be desired, but customizing sprites is something I've been getting into lately.


I haven't been able to do a full band yet, but Therapie has a nice band set with instruments you can swap to new bodies fairly easily, so I can work on more.


I hope this helps.




The flute and arms holding it were ripped from a Candacis sprite sheet, so credit her.


Crediting me isn't necessary. It provided some experience. Didn't know if I could even make this look passable.

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