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The problem persists even into other projects. It started when I tried to import a custom window sprite to make the game's menu less ugly, and it only went downhill from there. I have no idea how to fix anything at this point, I'm completely lost. How can I restore all of the assets to their factory/steam-ready state before my tampering, how can I fix this?

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If that happens even in new projects, then you probably have modified the core RTP files (in Steam directory, that is), which is what you should never do.


You can try checking integrity of the files. Open Steam and right click RPG Maker; go to properties -> local files -> click verify integrity of game files...

That should restore the game files to their factory state.

This may also cause "RTP is not installed" error; in that case just launch RPG Maker from steam library; it will connect these.



If that will not help, I could provide you the file, so that you could replace it back.


But- never edit RTP files in the Steam directory; instead copy it and paste to your project folder (located in documents by default) and there you have the same folders as in steam directory, but these are used only for current project. You can use resource manager in the editor to export RTP files into your project, that can be safely edited later.

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