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The Journey To Animation

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So I recently purchased two traditional animation books. one was super thin at michaels, and covers WB and Disney style animations. The other is thicker and covers Roger Rabbit style animations.

I began my journey with head sketches as the books recommend, because basically you just draw the same thing over and over with slight differences.

Today, I started learning real animation cycles. I started with walk since it's common to have a character walk around.


5b043c11ab750_attempt3-walkcycle.gif.6c4357130221cac7ceb074ebf7bbfade.gifanyways, that's what I've been doing. I have several ideas and goals for traditional animation, one being a game in acrylic with traditional animation, and the other a cartoon for a dear friend. though the cartoon may prove more difficult as the friend can't talk about his past very easily.

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