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Available Anime Artist/ Bust up Animator looking to Team for a short project

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See my work here: 


This is sort of up in the air, but if anyone wants to work on a game together, and has some good ideas I might be willing to team up with someone ((free obviously)) to make some animated bust ups if someone has a story or concept they are working on they could use my talent to make animated bust ups, with different poses, expressions, ect. 

If not, I might be interested in teaming with a SKILLED mapper and/or spriter to make a game together. My discord is phoenixsylph#7995 just message me here and there is you are interested. 

* Keep in mind I have the right to object if I find no interest in what you are working on, I have my reasons [ Either not up my alley, not interested in the characters or story ect.] but unless you ask if I have no interest I will politely decline. 

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