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VXAce New Fangame project needs YOU!

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Recruiting for Fangame based on Dragon Age
My engine: VX Ace
The year is 888 TE (-307 Ancient Age). There is something wrong with Malaurus, a Magister of little consequence out in the Silent Plains. The Blight has ravaged Thedas for almost 90 years, with no end in sight. Dumat, an Old God once worshiped, leads hordes of seeming undead monsters, colloquially called 'Darkspawn', on a quest to eradicate Thedas of life.
Though the armies of the Imperium are battling the Blight to the south, east and west, many people believe the situation to be hopeless. Refugees, fleeing the Horde, have arrived in Malaurus' holdings. Some are sick, and all have tales of the beastly horde. Unless they receive help soon, many may not survive. Malaurus cares about his people, but the Imperium has more important things to do, and he, and the refugees, are on their own.
No one has been able to slow down the Darkspawn, who are ravaging the Imperium and the Deep Roads. However, there are signs of hope. In this time of chaos, heroes are arising who are giving the Darkspawn pause.
The player is one such person. Arriving in the area, the player enters the service of Malaurus, in an attempt by the Magister to identify the problems his people have faced, and overcome them. The player may choose from 6 playable characters: Male or female Human, Dwarf or Elf. Despite their best efforts, the horde grows nearer.
Soon, Cannirus, a warrior of some repute from the west, makes his way to the area with claims that he has seen an associate of his hold back the taint with a special flower he's never seen before. Cannirus has plans to rally humanity and defeat the Horde, but must find his associate, who is being hunted by the Imperium for as yet unknown crimes.
With help from Cannirus, the player will embark upon a journey to reignite the spark of hope in humanity and turn the tide of the Horde. The human, dwarf and elven world are depending upon someone, anyone, who can find victory and salvation for the land of Thedas.
The player may choose from one of these characters:
Valoria Nighthawke, a native of the southlands, Valoria comes to the Silent Plains from the marshlands north of Markham. A product of an aspiring Altus couple, they had hoped to breed a fine mage. Valoria was decidedly a disappointment, though she was happy to escape the proscribed life of a Magister. She's seen much, including a slave revolt in Kirkwall, thanks to a Darkspawn attack and the city's inability to protect the slaves. Upon arriving in Castle Dagrinum, Malaurus hires her to become part of his small, private army, attempting to protect his lands from the Horde.
Vissimo of Vyrantium, came to the Silent Plains seeking adventure. The Darkspawn attacks have made him moderately wealthy as a mercenary, despite being born into the Soporati. He's served many a noble house in his home city, but now seeks new challenges. He's traveled all around the Empire and is well received most places he goes, though, as a slaver enforcer, the slaves fear and hate him. Vissimo was requested by Malaurus to bolster his small, private army, attempting to protect his lands from the Horde.
Annika Stone Face was born on the surface; her parents were banished from Kal-Sharok for reasons they've kept to themselves. Annika traveled across the Wandering Hills and learned Enchantment from other exiled Dwarves. When she and her family traveled south, she learned of the Blight, and with her skills in battle, she decided to join the fight. The Tevinter Imperium, at first skeptical, soon saw her potential at a battle with the Horde near the city of Nevarra. When Malaurus reached out for help, the Archon agreed to send Annika Stone Face to him as a mercenary.
Emgard of Orzammar was a caste-less thief, living alone beneath the Deep Roads. When Darkspawn threatened Orzammar, Emgard earned Servant Caste status by warning the thaig in time. Rather than accept, Emgard decided he wanted to take his chances on the surface, so the king granted him free passage and even threw in a few coins in gratitude. In the Vimmark Mountains, Emgard saved a traveling merchant from Tevinter, who added Emgard to his retinue of guards. Before they reached Tantervale, however, the merchant and all his retinue, save Emgard, were killed by Darkspawn. Emgard survived and was living freelance in Tantervale when he saw a recruiting poster, paid for by Malaurus.
Llilandra, from the Dales, is a quiet young elf. She speaks little of her past, other than to say her parents were killed when she was very young. Rumors of a caravan of burnt elf corpses follow her, and it is clear she has a frightening talent for magic. Though reticent to speak of herself, Llilandra is full of conversation about her peoples' exile to the Dales at the hands of the Tevinter. It is clear she hates magisters.
Ondoleth is from an Alienage in Antiva City, a city recently attacked by Darkspawn. Ondoleth has been traveling southwest for some time, occasionally stopping to provide aid to those who require it, though many humans are mistrustful of elves. Though he carries a staff, Ondoleth denies any connection to magic, though he has been known to heal people without medicine. In the marshlands east of the Silent Plains, Ondoleth healed a Tevinter who had succumbed to the Blight. Before she died, the former Magister thanked him for the solace from agony, and wrote a brief letter to her relatives in Wildervale to treat him well. Grateful he'd made an old woman's last moments easier, her relatives honored her last wishes, granting Ondoleth a place in their home. With the Blight continuing to decimate the world, however, he at last decided to move on and help where he could. This brings him to Castle Dagrinum and Malaurus.
Positions wanted:
A programmer/writer who knows VX Ace fluently, to help me figure out the stuff that I'm unfamiliar with now.
A graphic artist who can make some enemy Battlers and character sheets, and possibly more if they are willing.
An experienced map maker and puzzle designer. I'm good, but there's always room for improvement.
A musician for some Dragon Age inspired tunes.
Anyone on the team can make story suggestions and character development ideas. I'm more than happy to listen to anything. Even if you don't want to take part in that, if you're willing to let me bounce ideas off you, that would be great. Anyone with Dropbox is a plus.
My Roles:
Doing the majority of programming, Main Story & Dialogue writer, Quest maker, Map maker, Character creator, General pain in the rear.

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As interesting as this is, I have a lot going on, and have many projects to boot.


But being a sounding board I can do, as I am able.


By the way, Dropbox? Pfffffffttttt.... lolz

(Yeah, don't get me started on that dumpster fire...)

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