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[Request] Video that adjusts to game window size

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Note: I am using this script: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/fullscreen.14081/ 

Message me privately if you have any commission rates: I can pay for this script. My budget is up to 50$ CAD, and payment would be done through PayPal.


I would like a script extension for the default ogv player. 

The resolution script I've attached above does not affect the engine's video player, and as a result any video played will not adjust to the game's window size.


I would like a script that would allow the video's width and height to be adjusted, either automatically or manually (ex: through script calls). 

Absolutely any help or recommendations/advice would be appreciated. 


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16 hours ago, roninator2 said:

it is generally easier to adjust a video to the game screen size with a video editing program. So if your screen is 640x480 then make your video the same size.

I'm aware of this. The issue is that VX Ace seems to have trouble treating ogv videos that are originally larger than 640x480.

Say for example you have a video that goes above the 640x480 size for when the player does double the window size, so one "normal size" video and one "double size" video. On top of needlessly bloating up the game build and causing lag issues, I have tried playing 1280x960 videos in-game, and every time, the game window has areas that are left empty. 

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