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Differences between RM 2k3 and 2k

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What are the solid differences between 2k3 and 2k steam releases? I've read that the only difference is the battle screen but I've also read that 2k3 has seen more updates on steam.

Is there any difference in the events or rtp or is the options menu I've seen in 2k3 games by pressing f5 only available in 2k3 and not 2k steam editions?


Or if you just want to tell me that 2k3 and 2k are out of date as hell and that MV or ace are way superior in every way, even 16 bit, then I would appreciate it.


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I think 2K and 2K3 are similar to VX and VX ACE.


Basically 2K is the base system, and 2K3 will be a version 2.0 with some more updates so if you want one, get 2K3.

However it is really outdated - and I mean that more systematically. I've tried using it a few times and sometimes is crashes and other times is runs into errors whilst developing it testing. It's like trying to run Windows XP on a modern PC - it just doesn't work correctly anymore.



On a side note; I use MV but I do like the resources from 2K3 - especially the monsters. Takes alot of work to format, but I like them.

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Thanks. I've found by comparing 2k3 to the mv,xp and ace trials that it has more options for pictures at least. Like what you want the picture to show over or below, and also the spritesheet option. I thought zoom was unique to 2k3 but I'm realizing scale does the same thing in MV.

I'm learning to make my own resources in aseprite and also how to do parallax mapping. In 2k3 it works with parallax backgrounds and pictures but in MV I don't think I've seen a tutorial that doesn't say to use a plugin. Not really a criticism though. 
The only thing that appeals to me about MV is the widescreen support. Maybe the nicer maker look. Maybe..


On the differences between 2k and 2k3 for anyone interested:

I'll say if I get any crashes but I haven't so far. Maybe not done enough. Laptop isn't a behemoth either.

On the updates, I've found that in september 2017 both 2k3 and 2k got an update, difference being 2k3's was larger and brought the enhancements to the picture system among other things. I've tried 2k now and I can confirm that. The picture system in 2k is a lot more similar to what I see in MV.


But maybe more importantly the rtp is different. The rtp in 2k is darker, maybe bolder, and in some cases has less colours. Loading the rtp up in aseprite I've found by comparing "exterior" with "exterior" 2k only uses 153 colours when 2k3 uses the full 255. Similar thing with the basic tileset. What this means is that 2k3 has more detail in the upper layer objects. Maybe pushing the colours to 255 was at the detriment of some things though, like the water sprites. 2k uses 2 or 3 colours per square and you can see form and so on. 2k3 uses 6(?) or so per square but it does make it look messy. This is preference however. 2k3 water is better in motion you could say.
And here's why none of that really matters anyway. You can just import the 2k3 chipsets from the download you get off the rpg maker site. But I don't know if there's legal issues there by using the 2k3 rtp in the case of not owning 2k3. If anyone knows about the legality of using rtps from rpgmakerweb, of makers you don't own, that would be interesting. 

Anyway I say it might still affect the value. If you go with 2k, it's more expensive on the summer sale and if you wanted 2k3's resources you would need to import each one individually. Not as difficult as importing them to newer makers but still a bit boring.


Last thing. F5 does not open an options menu in 2k. It only changes resolution and only makes a difference in windowed. And in windowed it's still to small on modern screens, (my laptop's connected to a 1080p monitor and that's my reference). And in fullscreen it's been stretched, looks blurry, looks bad, and I don't recommend it. 2k3 has options by f5. Options like resolution from 240p to 980p, show fps, choice of bilinear filtering or no filtering, stretch screen, fit screen etc. Options menu alone is enough to say 2k3 over 2k for me.

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