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VXA-OS - Create your MMO with RPG Maker

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Author: Valentine
Version: 1.0.6


VXA-OS is a free structure for creating 2D online games. It is currently considered a beta and is still in active development.


» 4 types of chat;
» 9 types of equipment;
» 13 administrator commands;
» 3 moderator commands;
» Global server battle system;
» Passwords protected with the MD5 cryptographic function;
» 99% of event commands on the server;
» Common server events;
» Configurable resolution;
» Global Switches;
» EventMachine network library;
» Friends system;
» Quest system;
» Account Editor;
» Teleportation;
» Paperdolls;
» Party;
» Minimap;
» Bank.
» Remaining event commands, such as: Show Choices, Item Selection, Wait and Move Event;
» Customized movement of events;
» Parallel process start conditions and automatic start of events on the server;
» Weapons and long range skills.


» Login
» Character creation
» Bank and party


With DirectX:
No DirectX:


How to attack and chat with events:
Press Ctrl.
Translation to Englis:
To translate the client's vocabulary into English, replace the [VS] Vocab script to:

# ** Vocab
#  Author: Valentine

module Vocab
  # Login and account creation
  Username           = 'Username'
  Password           = 'Password'
  Email              = 'Email'
  Remember           = 'Remember?' 
  Register           = 'Register'
  Connect            = 'Connect'
  # Creation and character selection
  Name               = 'Name'
  Sex                = 'Sex:'
  Class              = 'Class:'
  Graphic            = 'Graphic:'
  Points             = 'Points:'
  Male               = 'Male'
  Female             = 'Female'
  Slot               = 'Slot'
  # Chat
  Map                = 'Map'
  All                = 'All'
  Party              = 'Party'
  Private            = 'Private'
  # Alert in menu
  ServerOffline      = 'The server is offline!'
  ServerFull         = 'The server is full. Try again later!'
  Insufficient       = '%s must be at least %d characters!'
  ForbiddenCharacter = 'Forbidden character!'
  Kicked             = 'You have been expelled!'
  IPBanned           = 'Your IP is banned!'
  MultiIP            = 'Your IP is already connected!'
  OldVersion         = 'This version is old. Please upgrade!'
  AccBanned          = 'Your account is banned!'
  InvalidUser        = 'Invalid user!'
  InvalidPass        = 'Invalid password!'
  InvalidName        = 'Invalid name!'
  InvalidEmail       = 'Invalid email!'
  InvalidCommand     = 'Invalid command!'
  MultiAccount       = 'User logged in!'
  AccExist           = 'This user already exists!'
  Successful         = 'Account registered successfully!'
  CharExist          = 'This name is already being used!'
  # Alert in game
  Teleported         = 'You were teleported!'
  Pulled             = 'You were pulled!'
  Muted              = 'You have been muted for 30 seconds!'
  NonPvP             = 'You can not attack here!'
  AttackAdmin        = 'You can not attack an administrator!'
  ObtainItem         = 'You won item!'
  NotEnoughMoney     = 'Insufficient money!'
  NotSellItem        = 'This shop does not purchase items!'
  NotTarget          = 'You have no target!'
  TargetNotInRange   = 'Target out of range!'
  InsufficientLevel  = 'You do not have enough level to equip this item!'
  RequestDeclined    = 'Your request was declined.'
  FullInventory      = 'Your inventory is full.'
  FullTrade          = 'The trade is full.'
  PlayerDead         = 'You died.'
  FullDrops          = 'You can not throw item on the floor.'
  Busy               = 'This player is busy.'
  Ask                = 'Are you sure?'
  # Friends
  FullFriends        = 'Your friends list is full..'
  FriendAdded        = 'has been added to your friends list.'
  FriendExist        = 'This player is already your friend.'
  Friend             = 'Friend'
  # Trade
  TradeRequest       = 'invited you to an trade. Accept?'
  TradeComplete      = 'wants to complete the trade. Accept?'
  TradeDeclined      = 'The trade was declined.'
  PlayerNotInRange   = 'Player out of range!'
  Trade              = 'Trade'
  # Party
  InParty            = 'This player is already at a party.'
  PartyRequest       = 'invited you to a party. Accept?'
  PartyMemberJoined  = 'joined the party.'
  PartyMemberLeave   = 'left the party.'
  DissolvedParty     = 'Dissolved party.'
  FullParty          = 'Your party is full.'
  NotParty           = 'You are not at a party.'
  # Help
  Equipable          = 'Can be equipped by'
  NotEquipable       = 'Can not be equipped by'
  Consumable         = 'Consumable:'
  ItemType           = 'Type:'
  Normal             = 'Normal'
  MPCost             = 'MP cost:'
  Hit                = 'Hit (%):'
  # Menu
  Login              = 'Back to login'
  Quit               = 'Quit game'
  # Quest
  StartQuest         = 'You started the mission'
  FinishQuest        = 'You have completed the mission'
  Rewards            = 'Rewards:'
  Exp                = 'Exp'
  # Buttons
  Ok                 = 'Ok'
  Go                 = 'Go'
  Cancel             = 'Cancel'
  Yes                = 'Yes'
  No                 = 'No'
  Create             = 'Create'
  Delete             = 'Delete'
  Accept             = 'Accept'
  # Menus
  Status             = 'Status'
  Quest              = 'Quest'
  Menu               = 'Menu'
  # Battle
  Critical           = 'Critical!'
  NoHit              = 'Miss!'
  LevelUp            = 'Level up!'


VXA-OS is a free open source framework, distributed under a very liberal license (the well-known MIT license). The project can be used for any purpose, including commercial purposes, without any cost or paperwork.
VXA-OS is not in the public domain and its creator retains its copyrights.
The only requirement is that if you use VXA-OS, you must give credit to the creator by including the copyright notice somewhere in your game.
In no event shall the copyright owner or copyright owner be liable for any claims, damages or other liabilities.



Thank you:
RGD Team

Edited by Valentine90

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Version 1.0.6 available.
-Paperdolls added;
-List of friends added;
-Bank added;
-Teleportation system added;
-Party added;
-Added moderator commands;
-Configurable maximum number of classes;
-Pup of gold added;
-Fix bug in the drop;
-Fix bug in the minimap;
-Other bugs fixed.
I added some things in the Manual.

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This is pretty cool, I gotta admit.


But I will say that having a binary option for gender is a bit limiting. I also am wondering if multiple currencies are already a thing, or are going to be added later.

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This may be my new favorite RM thing.



I love the sense of community, competition, and cooperation the MMO genre of rpgs provides, and the prospect of creating one has had me foaming at the mouth for over a year now.


I have to test compatibility with a few other scripts. Primarily Hime's Instance Items, Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting,  Dark Sky's House Decorating System. 

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I can make it to the login screen but without a server you can't even run offline tests (that I'm aware of).




When it comes to servers and such I am all but useless. With everything in Portuguese, it hasn't been easy to figure anything out. I translated some of the config script, but all the raw info you need is in the Portuguese manual.

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"Game.exe has stopped working"



Exception Code:	c0000005
Exception Offset: 00011584



This tells me nothing. It may mean something to you, I dunno.

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