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Okay, this is a frustrating problem.

When the player levels up, I've created a skill tree, so the player can choose what skill they want.

I want to take the player from say, for example, map A, where they are when they level up, to map B, where the skill tree is, then send them back to Map A, where they initially were.

The Common Event I'm using for the Level ups: 1st line has Control Variables [0011: Elf Female level] = [Elf female]'s level
Line 2 is a Conditional Branch Switch for Warrior chosen, so the Common Event knows to take the player to the Warrior tree.
Line 3 is a Conditional Branch Variable [0011: Elf Female level] == 2
Line 4 is a Conditional Branch Switch [Level 2 reached] == Off.
Line 5 is Control Variable [0017: return map ID] = [Map ID]
Line 6 is Control Variable [0018: return x] = Player's Map x
Line 7 is Control Variable [0019: return y] = Player's Map y
Then I fadeout screen and Transfer Player to the Warrior tree map, flip a switch Return = On, and flip the Switch [Level 2 reached] On, then fadein screen.

So, this should save the map and coordinates where the player was when they level up, right?

Trouble is, it's not working correctly. The event in the skill the player selects, once they get to the Warrior tree, after the skill is granted, I have Transfer Player: Variable [0017][0018][0019] and the Return switch is set Off, but when the player is transferred, they are still on the Warrior tree, not where they were when they leveled up.

So, to summarize, I use a Common Event to acknowledge the player has leveled up, it's supposed to remember where they were and on what map they were, then transfer them to the correct level up tree, then when they select a skill, they are supposed to go back to the map they started on. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

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then it would make sense that the variables are not being set. Next time you go to the warrior skill map press F9 and look at the variables. the values are probably blank.

You can put this right at the top of the common event not inside a conditional branch which to me looks like your saying if the player is not level 2 then load the values, but you explained that you just reached level 2. I would not use the switch and see if it works for you.

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Hey Roninator2,


I tried what you suggested and it still didn't work. It set the variables as the Warrior skill tree map and X & Y, and then, strangely, when I stepped on the skill and accepted it, it changed the variables X & Y to those coordinates, even though I don't have the variables anywhere in the Event. It should set the variables in the Common Event, and not change them unless I insert "Control Variables [0036: return map id Elf female] = Map ID" somewhere later, yet it changes the variables seemingly constantly. I'm really bummed out about this.

return at top of CE.png

Event 3.png

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How is it deciding which tree to transfer you to?


Also, don't do parallel process because it'll keep checking your X-coord and Y-coord constantly, and from what I'm hearing, you don't want that.

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Lord Vectra,


The Conditional Branch Warrior chosen is what decides where you go. There's also Mage and Rogue chosen.


If I don't do parallel process, how will the game know when the character levels up? I set it to parallel process and whichever switch the player chooses for a character, ex: Elf Female chosen, Dwarf male chosen, Female human chosen, etc. It won't work anyway I try, so I will end up sending the player back to a central location after leveling up. Won't be as fun a game, but I can't make it do what I need it to do.


Thanks for your help, guys.

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We figured it out! I don't yet know how to describe it, but suffice to say, with a dedicated Common Event to store the player's information and the help of the lovely PhoenixSoul, my problem is now SOLVED! :D Thanks Phoenix!

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