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Hello~ I'm Ruedefaux. Primarily I'm an illustrator, but for the past few years I've been experimenting with music making under the name Lolistomp. I'm not too used to sharing my music so openly since it's just something fun I do at the moment, but why not?


Currently I make theme songs and such for my own characters as it helps me with ideation process when I draw and/or write stories, and sometimes I make songs with the intention of possibly using them for future projects when I learn the fundamentals.


I'm heavily inspired by the hardcore genre, Gabber, along with retro game music-- so my stuff tends to lean towards the noisy and repetitive side for the most (definitely not within everyone's tastes LOL but that's okay with me). Sometimes I experiment loosely with other genres as well.


Here's a few of my favourites so far:








EDIT: huh... probably shouldve considered the order I listed these songs due to their images, but I'm too amused to switch around the last two... :')

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