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HALF DEAD horror art :)

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Hey all, not sure if this website is too active lately, but I recently started working on my VX Ace horror game again, and started drawing all the maps from scratch as parallaxes, as opposed to tiling. I was wondering if anyone would be able to critique them... (screenshots are attached)

Critique ANYTHING! Art style, level design, atmosphere, etc...

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! :)




FYI, in the game your character's health is measured by sanity. The counter in the top right shows that, and I have a system where the lower your sanity, the more distorted some levels can be


One of the first rooms, eyes don't appear unless sanity is at 1.


1st puzzle area.


1st appearance of a "monster", standing still against wall until a later moment.


Day and Night puzzle room



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