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Good Day Everyone!

So I've been working on my game a lot, using the Yanfly Engine MV Plugins. Now I'm using the Enemy Levels plugin and I wanna make a enemy leveling system out of it.

So here me out:


Say Player Level is 3. According to that level or around that level range, I wanna make a common event that says: if

gameParty.leader().level > 3

then Enemy Max Level = 5, Enemy Level = 1


Of-course I will have to make multiple conditional branches for each level range. So:


Q: Is there a way to do this?


Enemy min and max levels are only found in Note tags.(as far as I know)


If anyone could help me with this, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in Advance, 


Game: Land of Calgwin™ Beta 0.2b

Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-beta



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Actually I have found out a way to do this in Note Tags:

<Custom Starting Level>
level = $gameParty.leader().level;
</Custom Starting Level>
<Level Fluctuation: x>

This'll make it where the enemy staring level is equal to the players level.
But then it can be x more or less than that level.
So if you set x to 2. And the leader's level is 3. Then the enemy level can be up to 5 or down to 1. 

<Positive Level Fluctuation: x>
<Negative Level Fluctuation: x>

If you want to have different increase/decreases like if the leader's level is 5 and you want to be as low as 2 but as high as 6.
But then at level 10 you have enemies with levels as low as 7 but as high as 11.


Although I'd like to that in certain maps it would be certain levels rather than the player level thing, but I guess this'll do. Or I could make the enemy gain levels but will that work if in the note tag I've set the max level to something lower than want it gained?


Best Regards,


Game: Land of Calgwin™Beta

Link: https://wmk.itch.io/land-of-calgwin-beta

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