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I.Am Production

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Before i start a few words:

I.m working hard on my projekt since month and i guess the demo will come in a few weeks.

Gamedesign, Graphics, artwork, music, tilesets, sprites, 3DModeling and eventing  is done by myself.


English translation by: Commander Bert he help me a lot to Translate the game from german to english.Big thanks to you!


Scripts credits:





I.Am Production is a Sci-Fi Survival Game...


In 1932, Professor Levitt made the discovery of his life. He found deep beneath the Mayan temple in Mexico, Yucatan the fossil of a Mayan queen....


Years pass and you are in an underground laboratory.

The surface is contaminated and no human could survive out there.

Scientists are trying to find a solution to rid the surface of the plague with the help of a VR system that is capable of producing plants and environment down to the smallest atom.

Retrya Lynnfox, who thinks she can live in this Underground Laboratory, wishes nothing more than to be able to see the surface with her own eyes. She was followed by nightmares for days ... A big city completely destroyed by an explosion.

Are they really just nightmares? They seem quite real to her, as if she had watched from afar.

In an incident on the top floor of the underground vault, they are attacked by wolves, but the plague has caused a mutation in animals, some are stronger, more aggressive, faster or larger. Depending on the animal, the mutation has a different effect, it is still unclear which mutations have individual species. However, the wolves were more aggressive and faster, their fur has darkened and their eyes have a violet shine

they were called Shadow Wolves in their dark fur.

Kadax, the father of Retrya sent you and 5 gunmen upstairs and they stormed the floor ... But it ended in a bloodbath. The 5 men were overrun by the wolves and torn to pieces. Retrya was the only one who managed to defeat the wolves, even though she was only equipped with her claws.

But why? She had an easy game with the wolves, but why did the men armed with rifles have no chance against the wolves?

From now on, she asks herself if she is different, how can she survive ... Was it just luck?

A few days passed when suddenly the alarm sounded, again an attack, again these wolves? Just as Retrya Raus wanted to run she loses consciousness. Again she dreams of this big city being destroyed, but something is different. She is on a mountain and looking down to the city. Next to her a little girl. Just when she wanted to come her closer, Retrya wakes up.

Slowly she opened her eyes ... She looked a bit blurry until she realized that she was no longer in the lab,

a barren landscape around them ...



Retrya Lynnfox
She is a very thoughtful person and from the outside 
she looks mostly fragile but when it comes down 
to it she can also hand out. She has a rather cold 
relationship with her father. They hardly see each other 
and do not talk to each other much. But it is okay for her
because her father does everything to 
free the surface of the plague. She likes to sneak 
into the VR system to see the surface.
Most of the time she spends her time reading books, 
stories about wonderful worlds.
But she is also technically very 
gifted and shows a great interest in it.



Professor Levit:

Before his discovery, he dealt with the theory of evolution and 
examined several extinct creatures. Levitt is usually regarded 
as a funny, eccentric little owl. Mostly he is dressed inappropriately 
and says his opinion freely.







image.gif3D Cutscenes




image.jpg Action BattleSystem













Gameplay and teaser Video:











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The professor looks like Master Roshi from DB XD

That's a very unique look you have in your game, it'll be cool to see more of it. Also the story sounds very mysterious. Good luck with it!

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