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Threshold of a Dream

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Check it out!

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This is a classic JRPG style adventure heavily influenced by Final Fantasy and Zelda. The story is based on various dreams the creator has had as well as adventures he had with his friends growing up in the woods.


"Threshold of a Dream"
written and created by
Caleb Camp

Story based on the dreams
and childhood experiences
of its creator

Created using the
RPG Maker MV engine

Special thanks to
Sean Sneed

Music and Sounds:

Animal Counterpoint (Animal Village) [prophetik]

The Wind Outside (The Egg) [Ten19]

Climb My Mountain, This High (Tal Tal Heights) [Benjamin Briggs]

Fierce Melancholy of the Woods (Mysterious Forest) [Dj Mokram]

Facies Templum (Face Shrine) [prophetik]

Skoldpaddsklippan (Turtle Rock) [Dafydd]

House of Frogs (Richard's Villa) [prophetik, Fishy]

Preluematsude (Prelude) [Jeff Ball]

Voices of the Deep (Catfish's Maw) [prophetik]

Camelot Monastery -Darren Curtis

Exotic Plains -Darren Curtis

Fireside Tales -Darren Curtis

The Magicians Sorrow -JStewartMusic

Ice Sickles Melting -Caleb Camp

Sound effects by Dreadshadow

Engines & Plugins:


Victor Sant
Mark Przepiora
Mr. Trivel

Threshold Screenshot 1.png



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