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Do you have a game that you're interested in having played? Do you like someone who goes through the work you made with a sense of reaction and detail? Do you want to join a small community that is slowly growing? Look no further-Aurabolt's stream is for you. 

I'm looking for new games-I prefer RPGs, but I am also open to other genres and interesting stories, as well as your suggestions for other titles-and due to my connection on Discord-as well as my own server-I am slowly building up a community of awesome people. 

Here's a small example, with a spoiler warning: My initial reactions to the ending of Legends of Illarion 2. I'm also currently playing Wooden Ocean, Gaiken, and the first Legends of Illarion!


If you're interested, feel free to PM me with your game or any recommendations. I would be happy to add you to my Discord Server. Looking forward to your game and your addition to your cool community!

Edit: If you're looking for another clip, here's one: 


Here's me defeating a Superboss in Ephiam's Chronicles of Tsufanubra. We believe it was overpowered, but I sensed an opening. 

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