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RPG Maker FES: Following the NPC

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I am brand new to the whole world of RPG Maker, and FES is the first and only game I have played so far. This may have already been answered, and I just missed it, but I am having a lot of trouble triggering an event that causes an NPC to lead the hero, is that doable? If so, how?

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I'm a bit confused. Can you give us a link to what this "FES" actually is?


Or better yet, can you give us a video example on what scene you're actually trying to replicate?


Btw, I'm sure that the answer to your question is "that's doable". The "How to do it?" is depends on your answer for my previous question.

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@Black Mage FEZ is the 3DS version of RPGM.


I haven't used my RPGM is a long time, especially FEZ but I'm sure it's doable.


To have a player follow an NPC you need to make two move routes. One for the NPC and one for the player. Make sure both paths are the same (your player is one step behind) and have there move speeds be the same, otherwise they'll conflict.

You have to manually count what steps to take in each direction, but this is pretty much how you do it.


On FEZ, you may be better off trying this;


Just as the character is about to lead the player, turn the NPC into a party member and be the leader with your player character as a party member who auto follows them and then set their "move route" (found in the events page). Once the NPC takes you to where you need to go, change the party back to the player and remove the NPC actor and have a switch activate.

Set up an event exactly where the event NPC stops and have it turn on as the switch is activated so it looks like the NPC is standing there (once you remove them from your party, they will disappear so you need the event set up).


I don't have my 3DS atm (Boyfriend has it for pokemon'ing) so I can't confirm if the events are the same, but I think they were pretty similar to MV's.

Lemme know and I'll try get it back to test.

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