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RPG Maker 3 on VX Ace (RPG Maker PSX)

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I don't know how many of us have had the chance to play this game/use this software, whether via emulation or on original hardware, but I can safely say that the engine is pretty decent and feature-filled, some features even not appearing on the PC version of RM.


Yes, let us go straight into those features.


Take Over Events: this basically allowed the developer to initiate the event calls of another event, or of a different page on the same event. This is something that is not really needed in the PC version, since Move Route exists and that can move any event, whereas the Move Calls in RPG 3 are only for the player or the selected event.


Snapshot: this takes a picture of the current running scene (the game flashes the screen white to indicate that it has taken the picture). These are used in the ending credits, with up to 20 unique pictures displayed. This event call also houses the Ending call, which ends the game. Taking snapshots of the game is not something I've seen implemented in the PC versions of RM.


Sprite Flashing: this event call allows one to take any of the character or object sprites and make them flash. There are other options that come with this set of calls, such as invisibility, change graphic, and a couple more. Flashing sprites are not implemented in any PC version of RM to my knowledge.


Food Items; EXP Gain: this is an item type that gives to the user, said amount of EXP (it doesn't invoke a level up though). The limit is +9999 (that is the limit for all items, and all stats except total EXP). This is something I've not seen implemented in any PC version of RM.


Message Balloons: this event call is part of the Display Message event calls, and it can display a brief message balloon over the head of an event or the leader of the party. All I've seen implemented in any version of RM for PC, is emotion balloons.


Magic Class: this system is a very simple magic class system, unique in that it has four different types, and the weaknesses/resistances are hardcoded. Can't really make an elemental system with this, but it ties in with the next item.


Class Abilities; No Class: this is an odd ability. What this does is it consolidates all the magic class types into one. About the only useful thing this does is allows one to equip Magic Class resistance accessories and have those resist all magic classes. This can be done in any PC version of RM, sort of.


In-Game Title Screen: this event call simply brings up the title screen, any time after the game starts. The PC versions of RM have this at the beginning, unless one uses an externally-sourced script.


BGM Sound Modifiers: this event call changes the volume, pitch, and various effects of the BGM (such as making the BGM sound like it's reverberating off the walls of a castle or the like). On the PC version of RM, we just have volume and pitch implemented.


Shop; Trade: this event call initiates a trading scene, which allows one to trade items in for other items. This works by taking in the sale price of the items to be traded, for the full price of the item up for trade. This is not directly implemented in any PC version of RM.


Attack Type - Group: this is an attack type (one of three) that can be assigned to weapons or skills. It essentially attacks all enemies of a given group (i.e. in a formation of two bats, two goblins, and an imp it would target both bats, both goblins or the imp). If assigned to a healing skill, it will target the entire ally party, but for enemies it will only target a group (not sure how the AI handles this). In any PC version of RM, you have single, all or random targets, not a group.


Skills; Special Attack: this is a skill type that uses HP rather than MP. In the PC versions of RM, this is not implemented.


There are others, but these are the ones that I could think of, that are fairly significant.


Let us discuss, shall we?

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