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@RoooodWorks, also known as Chibs or Chibae is a moderator of the Discord server for some time now and a long-time member in general. Not only she can detect rood comments faster than anyone else, she also says "no" when a situation requires that. :D 


Now it is time for her to join the forums as well, so that she can say "no" to project threads, when these don't meet the requirements. ;) 

That said, she took the GAME PRODUCTION area under her wings, so she'll be one of the first people, that will see your amazing projects! :D --and she may be the only one if you won't put enough of effort into your threads. ;) 


Joking aside, she is there to help you. If you'll have any troubles with your project threads, you can totally count on her. :) 


Welcome to the herd Chibs!

I hope it will be a pleasant experience for you;

Good luck! ;) 

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