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HawkZombie - Streamer. Writer. VISONARY.

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Hey everyone!


I am known online as HawkZombie (and years ago as Sketch/SketchPCIS) and I am not only an aspiring developer, but I also stream RPG Maker games all the time on my Twitch channel! Since I don't know the rules about link dropping on the first post, I'll refrain for now, but I use the same user name on Twitch if you want to find me :D


I've been playing RPG games since I was 13, and RPG Maker games since 2003. I was part of one of the earliest communities created around that time, and fell out of it the entire community for several years until about two or three years ago. I've always wanted to work on my own game, but life and other things always seemed to get in the way. I'm far more of a writer, though, having three published novels out currently, and two more in the works.


Anything you wanna know, just ask!

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