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Need help for Yanfly Ace Message System

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I was able to do what you want but its a little sloppy.

In the Module I added in     NAME_FONT = 10   at line 193 after NAME_WINDOW_COLOUR


on line 528 I changed     super(0, 0, Graphics.width, fitting_height(1))


    super(0, 0, Graphics.width, fitting_height($game_variables[YEA::MESSAGE::NAME_FONT]))

then at the start of the game I changed the variable to the value of 2. And for some reason I needed to open a menu, so I forced an open save window.


in the message box to display the name I used

\n<\{\n[4]>This is me

\n<\{\n[4]>This is me

\n<    > # show name box

\{    # increase font size

\n[4]   # display actor 4's name. You could put in text if you wanted.

\n<\{Big Bob>This is me


The down size. Whenever you change the variable to another value you have to open a menu or something (it's what I found worked)


Of course if you want a large name window all the time just set the fitting_height(1) to 2 -> fitting_height(2)

and use the code \{ to make the font bigger.

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I believe this should to fine:



YEA has an error on this though. Sometimes the escape character width are calculated as a string, thus an error happened. If by chance you stumbled upon this error, change this line (if it's the one that cause the error):

   dw += calculate_size(text.slice!(0, 1), text) until text.empty?


   dw += calculate_size(text.slice!(0, 1), text).to_i until text.empty?


Hope this solve your problem. :)

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It works thanks but there would not be a way to make it easier by putting directly in the script : NAME_WINDOW_FONT_NAME = ["Arial"] for exemple

as there is already for the message MESSAGE_WINDOW_FONT_NAME = ["Sans"]

and so do the same thing for the font size like : NAME_WINDOW_FONT_SIZE    = 24

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