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Khas Light Effects with Yanfly Fog and Overlay?

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I have been trying to combine these two scripts: Khas' Awesome Light Effects and Yanfly's Fog and Overlay. So far it is good but is there a way for the light to cut through the fog. You see, I am combining this:


Khas' Awesome Light Effects:


With this:


Yanfly's Fog and Overlay


And I get this as a result:


The lights are under the fog and the player is holding a lantern:


So is there a way to get the lights to cut through the fog?

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I'm sure that you need to change the viewport for each script. Find a way to put khas's light viewport above yanfly's fog viewport and I'm sure that your problem is solved.

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I tried putting Khas light viewport to 3000 while Yanfly's fog viewport was 300 and it had still no effect at all. So I put the fog viewport way below the light's viewport, same results.

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Wait a minute...

You said you use Yanfly's, but this is Victor's script inside the demo...


Ahem, Victor's script are known to be incompatible with a lot of script and no support for them because devs/scripters doesn't want to mingle with his codes for various reasons.


Anyway, since we've got this far, I'll see what I could do with it. But don't hope too much, since it's a Victor's script that we're talking about.



Ah, I see the problem now. There's no conflict between these two script. In fact, changing the viewport is working. The problem lies on the light graphic from Khas (Also it's not entirely Khas's fault. It's how the "overlay" work in general that this is happened). You need to make the appropriate graphic for Khas's script to get your desired effect. Try the "ld" as a light and you'll see what I meant.


Hope this help. :)

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