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Changes is Game Development Area

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After a long struggle and bugs on my way, the Game Development Area has been successfully updated!


I've noticed, that for a long time users kept posting their threads in wrong sections. Maybe it was because that area on the front page looked like this...



Even from moderator's perspective it was hard to navigate - the whole list of sections with exactly the same names, but different parents (makers).


So continuing with the 'Simplifying Forums Update', this area was reorganized.



Now what used to be subsections, are main sections. The makers being main sections were transformed into tags.

All makers/engines are placed together. For everyone's convenience, you'll have to select a prefix tag from the list when creating a thread. It will put an icon before the title, which will make things easier to recognize.


Programming section got its parts merged. Instead of script requests, support and learning place, there's one called programming. I've took a look at these and in all three there basically were questions related to coding, so it wasn't making much of difference.

Completed scripts etc. still have their own spot.


Hopefully this will make things easier to navigate and faster to work with. It's all for your convenience, so if you'll have feedback and/or ideas, please share these below.


Thank you!

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