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Move Event not working

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I have the following Event (Autorun):

@>Control Variables: [0010:Intro X] = 0
@>Control Variables: [0011:Intro Y] = 0
@>Conditional Branch: Variable [0011:Intro Y] < 6
  @>Control Variables: [0010:Intro X] += 1
  @>Control Variables: [0011:Intro Y] += 1
  @>Set Event Location: [Event NW], Variable [0010][0011]
  @>Wait 30 frame(s)
: Else
: Branch End


I have another Event that is just an image that I wish to move.


When I run the auto event, the image moves once and that is all.  Nothing else happens.  Does anyone know why this is?

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It's because the event sets the variables intro x and y to 0 each time it runs and the conditional branch sets it to +1, that is 0+1=1 everytime so the other event stays there. Put the conditional branch in a loop and set it to break the loop if the conditions don't meet. Something like this:




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