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Some Optimisation to consider for your game

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Tutorial description: Hey guys, the following is copied over from my blog and it goes over lowering the overall size of your game files from image compression to getting rid of useless data in your files. 
Requirements: Obviously you'll need RPG maker. Photoshop isn't required but it does help and Audacity. 
RPG Maker Optimisation you should know about
Hey guys, another week and another blog, this week I’ll be going over a few things you should know about optimising your RPG maker build. Information that is important but never really important enough for the YouTube tutorials. (On that note I might later on make a video about the contents of this blog)
Lowering the size of your game file
When you create a new project you’ll be greeted with this lovely window telling you all of the assets that are being imported into your project, if you’re like me then you will be using next to none of these assets in your final build. These assets add up to around a whopping 380MB. Start by deleting any assets from your game folder that you know you won’t be using. Any of the other assets should be renamed in order to represent that they are to be deleted later, “If you are using them for prototypes an what not.” e.g. (!prototypeActors1)
Another thing you can do is look at your file extensions. For example if your audio tracks are in .mp3 consider converting them to .ogg for the smaller file size. as you can see in the image below, the size of the .mp3 is reduced a large amount after being converted to .ogg (which my computer wishes to label as a VCL media file as if that’s some sort of extension.)
If you have 100 different audio files then that is 100MB that you have saved in space for the game file. If you have a retro game, then you could convert it all to MIDI for an audio aesthetic as well as a vastly reduced file size too.
The same can also be said for image file size. The following image shows how I took the file size from 400Kbs down to 100Kbs.
This is a software called TinyPNG and is free for up to 5MBS and they have a very cheap yearly subscription for images over that size as well as extension options. How it works is that it reduces the amount of colours being used in an image while still retaining any transparency it has and the detailed sacrificed is near on invisible, only noticeable if you were to go into the file and analyse the pixels. They have a Photoshop plugin that allows you to export your images directly as a reduced sized PNG instead of uploading them to the site every time. For example sake, lets say you have 1000 images in your game worth 400KBs. By using TinyPNG to reduce the size, you save roughly 300MBs of file size. 
   You can try it out for free with this link.
Those are some of the ways that you can majorly reduce the file size in the final build of your game. Why do you want to reduce your file size? It can help with loading times and lag issues and download times. Overall having clean and small file sizes are what we should be aiming for as Indie devs. 

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