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user interface Reaction Display in Status Updates | Minor Update

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I've made tiny changes to how reactions are displayed in the status updates.


So far it was like this:



The remove reaction button was at the end of the list. Also, there was a bug (I think?), where that button was available even if you haven't reacted - basically removing your reaction, that does not exist.


Personally I prefer the way it works in topics (posts):





So- I've modified the reaction display in status updates, to behave similarly to how it is in topics:



I also have fixed that bug - now you cannot (try to) remove a non-existing reaction.



These changes apply only to the default theme, "Sky", at least for now. I plan to get rid of the other themes in the future, partially because of the fact, that I have to perform exactly the same changes in each theme one by one. It's simply harder and less convenient to maintain.

I also have more modifications planned for the default theme, mainly auto day-night cycle in background, as well as changing the background itself etc..


If for some reason you don't like these changes, feel free to express that below and state why.

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