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I've just signed up to post my lengthy question on the support forum, but it's a bit rude not to introduce myself regardless of if I plan to make use of this community in the future - and so here I am!


A bit about me... I have next to no coding knowledge, and only mostly use RPG Maker VX Ace as well as Ren'Py to make fun little projects for my own entertainment and sharpen my skills and knowledge of both software (although I use Ren'Py for coding things more than RPG Maker, and therefore have the basic grasp of the Python language). If anything, I'm... creative in my solutions and workarounds when something too challenging gets in my way, which often ends up in days of trial and error to make something the average knowledgeable person would accomplish in a few minutes...


But enough about me. How are you doing? Life's treating you alright? How was your day?

And don't forget to take a break, eat, keep hydrated, and most importantly, take a moment of your day to smile. ^^



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Hey there! ^_^


Coding is a powerful weapon, so whenever you'll have a chance, toy with it and learn. It's worth it. 😉 And I know that feel - it's always like this at the beginnings. It will be getting faster with time.


I hope everything goes well for you!


Generally I'm doing fine ~ lately procrastinating more than usual-- playing a game. Real life could be a little bit better (mainly job), but that's pretty much how it works I assume.
Will do!


Welcome to the herd!

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