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Auto-Battle not working

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Edit: I'm pretty sure its Yami's ATB and the lack of a "start of turn" mechanic. At least that's what I have read, and I may go searching for that but yeah.


Edit #2: I found DoubleX's Bug Fix script for the ATB system. Linking it here in case anyone finds this topic instead of his while searching for a solution.


I am attempting to make a Rage Effect (Lose control of character, they attack allies)


My Auto-Battle flag does not appear to be working. I'm unsure which script is causing the issue.


The multitude of scripts doesn't help (They are listed in the order I have them in the Script Editor):

Yanfly's Battle Engine

-With Edits by Me (There are also Window_BattleStatus edits but I don't think that'll effect Auto-Battle at all?)


class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base 
  # * Check Substitute Condition
  def check_substitute(target, item)
    target.hp < target.mhp / 2 && (!item || !item.certain?)
  # alias method: start_party_command_selection
  alias start_party_command_selection_abe start_party_command_selection
  def start_party_command_selection
    unless scene_changing?

class Sprite_Battler < Sprite_Base
  def setup_new_effect
    #if !@battler_visible && @battler.alive?
    if !@battler_visible
    elsif @battler_visible && @battler.hidden?
    if @battler_visible && @battler.sprite_effect_type
      @battler.sprite_effect_type = nil
    # YF addition


Addon: Enemy HP Bars

Lunatic Targets

Addon: LTP Conditions

Yami's CATB

Addon: Lunatic ATB

Sixth's Don't Target User

AdiktuzMika's Slip Damage

GreatRedSpirit's Alive and Dead Targetting


I can set up the state to make you target allies, but I feel ilke once you learn that's how it goes, you can just do defensive things until the state ends. Which I want to avoid.


Of the scripts, only YEA Battle Engine and YSA CATB have any mention of the Auto-Battle system. If there's something else I should be looking for, please tell mea nd I'll do that digging for you.

Edited by Zvart

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