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Avengers Character & SV Battler Sets

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I have been reading Marvel Comics since I was very young and it is my pleasure to present my version of an Avengers Character Set. Some of the sprites are based off of their comic book attire, and some are based off of their movie counter-parts.

Terms of Use & Credit Template
Characters were created using the base MV characters and clothing that comes from the Kadokawa RPG Maker MV character packs. Some character eyes and other parts were created with the help of different generated materials provided by the community; (Contributions are credited in the sprite sheet they were used in).
Non-Commercial: (Should only be used in a fan game)
Commercial: Not-Allowed
Repost: Yes (a link back to this thread would be nice)
Edits: Allowed (a link back to this thread would be nice)
Repost of Edits: Yes (a link back to this thread would be nice)
Maker Required: RPG Maker MV
Note: Still pretty new at this so if I did something wrong or credited incorrectly, or missed a credit to someone; please just let me know so I can fix it.
Last Updated: 10-27-2018

Avengers Character Sheet 01
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, & Mysterious Things)



Avengers Character Sheet 02
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Random, BB Entertainment & Mysterious Things)



Avengers Character Sheet 03
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Random, & Mysterious Things)



Avengers Character Sheet 04
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, & BB Entertainment)



Thanos Character Sheet
(Credit: GalacticGod & Kadokawa)



Captain America Sheet
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Blackxwolf, & Mysterious Things)



Spider-Man - Character Set 01
(Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, & Mysterious Things



Captain America SV Battler 01
(Credit: GalacticGod, Blackxwolf, & Kadokawa)



Captain America SV Battler 02
(Credit: GalacticGod, Blackxwolf, & Kadokawa)



Spider-Man SV Battler
(Credit: GalacticGod & Kadokawa)



Hopefully I should have more character sheets of members of the Avengers team and their villains up over time so remember to check back for updates!

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I cannot say enough good about your sprites, simply amazing work, I hope to be this good at spriting in the future, any plans for a possible Hellboy set?

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