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Skills with different hit rates.

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Hi fellow Designers.

I have the following Problem.


I try to create Skills which have different hitchances by themself. So for example my Hero has the Base Hitchance of 80%. 

Now I want to create an Secure Strike which deal less dmg, but hits 20% better (so it has 100% total) and I created an Heavy Attack which deals more dmg, but hit 30% less often.

And Basic as this sounds, i do have some Problems with that. At first i used success rates, but thats not calculated using the heroes hitchance i guess. So even if you have an state which increase your hitchance by 100% your heavy attack will fail 30% off the time. 


The second thing i tryed was creating an preattack which first grant an state which change the hitchance, and than force the real attack action. That worked, but during Battle my hero first step forward nill appeared (because the first skill didnt do dmg) and than he steps forward again to do his attack. (I use Yanfly battle engine and visual battlers)


Soo. yeah, that solution is not perfect ether. Didnt find an skriptcall to turn the first Animation off too. That leads me here.

Can you guys help me? 


greetings: Thorgaaz

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Sry... figured i poted something similar a Long Time ago and it had been solved too. 

Point is, the success Chance IS calculated based on hitchance. Yust not additiv, but multiplicativ.  Means... if you have 150% Hit and 50% Success, than you have 75% in total and not 100%

I can work with that. I yust forgot due to my Long break (because of my Job) 


Soo.. Problem solved. Sorry again for Posting an  solved Topic.

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