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Puzzle School (Word Game)

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Puzzle School is a word puzzle game where you have to guess what a word is. Similar to the old 'Hangman' game.


There almost 3000 common English words included in the game so it should keep one guessing for some time.


When you start the game you will notice a choice for 'Normal' and 'Tablet' mode. The difference between them is the amount of animations going on. Normal mode has more than tablet mode. Tablet Mode is good for running on computers that are slow when running in Normal mode.


Try not to get too PUZZLED






Background from 'School Tiles" which can be found here:



Game design and font used created by me, Code Hunter (Lawrence).


Main character and teacher character created in VX Ace.


Simple scripting used in game created by me except the word selection created for this game by TheoAllen and edited by me.






Edited by CodeHunterEx

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