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Paracreat demo

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Download: Link demo version



Credits plugin:

yanfly message core - battle status


Here is the first information about my game that I will submit to the IGMC 2018!








Own Challenge:

I want to create a game with Paracreat that comes very close to Gameboy with look, music and technique.

In addition I have even loaded a program that virtually emulates the original Gameboy sounds.

Graphics are not pixelled by Nintendo but by myself!


Now to the story:5835-ognidaru-png


A little boy named Sion, (name can be changed)

found a mysterious mirror in his lab in a lab room.

When he touched him, it tore him into a parallel universe,

In this universe he had to realize that he was never born there and his parallel mother did not recognize him.

But something else is different people living together with beings called Paracreat's.

A scientist who had built the mirror to move to the other side,

He said that on this site not only the monkeys had developed but also all the other animals.

Just when the scientist wanted to bring Sion back to his side she had to realize that the mirror was stolen.

Trapped in a parallel universe begins the adventure of Sion!



dewaii - Kopie.jpg



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Foget credits
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