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Vehicle Events

Author: Tsukihime




This script will provide vehicle-related event triggers.



  • Specify airship events



If an event should be triggered by an airship, set the priority to "above characters"

You can still trigger it normally by walking up to it, but at least you can do stuff in airships.




Download: http://db.tt/pAWVverU




Currently it only gives you the ability to trigger events using airships, but maybe that will be useful.


These are not vehicle-only triggers. If you require vehicle-only, use Event condition extensions with the following comments


script: $game_player.in_airship?
script: $game_player.in_ship?
script: $game_player.in_boat?


Oh, and conditional branch works as well, but just in case you want different pages to run if you weren't on a vehicle.

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Great Script, I had made a huge world map for my game (250 x 275), but then it was just so laggy that it was unplayable.
So I decided to break my big map up into smaller maps. I found the problem when I tried to transfer maps with my Airship. So this script really helped

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Hello!  I am still fairly new to rpg maker vx ace, as I've only been using it for the past several weeks.  I now have a world map with various locations, and have learned how to teleport from location to location, however my problem is with my airship activating a particular event (transfer player).  I have a floating kingdom, and the ship fly's over it.  I created an event, then went into 'Advanced' and 'Script'.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to copy and paste the entire script that's posted here, or just part of it?  And I assume I need to somehow enter in my own locations?  I did set the 'Priority' to 'Above Characters' and the 'Trigger' to 'Event Touch' (although I think I tried the others as well).  I could use a little guidance ... thanks!

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