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Hello! My name is Christoph Jakob, I'm a Freelance Composer from Germany. I've been composing original compositions for roughly 10 years - I started working in the gamedev business in early 2017.

My main focus lies on:


- 16 Bit
- Orchestra with Synthesizers
- I'm not afraid to try out new things!


Demo Reel 2019:



Portfolio & Demo Reel Link 2018:

Contact Info:


mail: ChrisJakob94@web.de

Discord: DisOmikron#5729

I grew up with Nintendo and Sega and still play a lot of their games today. Some of the inspirations should be slightly audible at certain points.

To me, composing music for a game does not simply mean composing any song and throwing high quality instruments in. It's all about consistency, suitability and a certain recognition value. I want people to recognize my music when they hear it.


If you like what you hear, feel free to contact me!


I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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