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Battle Symphony + Paper Dolls compatibility

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Hello there! I'm using Yami'sBattle Engine Symphony and Vlue's Paper Dolls.
Paper Dolls is a visual equipment script. It overlays equipment sprites on top of the sprites of the party members
I noticed that it doesn't work when the character enters the battle scene. It seems Paperl Dolls is only taking into account the on-map display of the sprite, or maybe Symphony is not allowing it to display the overlays in the battle scene.
So I'm sure either of those two scripts needs patching or modification.
Could anyone please help me make it show up? Or tell me if it cannot be done or if it's not simple to do. There's another visual equip script that does work in battle, but complicates other aspects of the game I'm making so I'd rather not use it if I can help it.
Thank you in advance!

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Indeed. Paper Dolls only change the sprite on map and menus.


I've work on Vlue's Paper Dolls before, and his method is simple. I believe it's easy to replicate his method on Battle Engine Symphony, assuming the battle engine shows the sprite the same way Paper Doll does.


I regretly say that I currently can't help you because my works piled up. So I'll leave the other to help you out. I do will check this thread if my work is finished and if I remember. 😛

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