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That One NPC

Large Triad Deck

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I'd like to share a large, powerful Triad deck I created for a longer game with a serious triad aspect. This is a strong deck, and it may require some tweaking. I wanted a very challenging Triad experience for my players. I plan to reconcile this deck strength by removing the card shop option. Boosters and dueling are the only ways to acquire cards in my game. I'm also modifying my Booster config to make T4 cards very rare, and T5 cards more or less unicorn cards. I'll also use the large card selection and smooth progression curve to balance opponent hands, whilst still making it actually difficult (unlike FF8 or 9). I love Triad so much, but I've always found it too easy to think 3 moves ahead. Closed Hand is the only time I have trouble. 


 I can give you a template pdn, and even the battler portraits upon request, if you'd like to tinker with the card values.





Giant Raven (Tier 1)


Succubox (Tier 2)


Baby Dragon (Tier 3)


Dragon (Tier 4)


Abyssal Raider (Tier 5)



Card Back






The compressed folder is attached and contains all 85 cards separated by rarity tier folders, the Card Settings script, the Card Back, 4 icons for Card Back, and 2 text documents listing credits and optional Card Set info.


Non-commercial usages.



Battler Portraits - CLOSET

Card Graphics - Kas, Enterbrain (card back)

Card Numbers - From Raizen's Demo assets


EDIT: Updated!

All errors in Card Settings config fixed. 

4th icon added.






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