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Hello guys! In God’s goodness, here’s another short 2 hours long RMVXace game that I made while I paused development on Rave Heart for a while. xD This short is made as an entry for the RPG maker 28th birthday, Full game category.

:) I really enjoyed making this game and I sure hope that you guys will also enjoy playing it. ^_^




In the isolated town of Karonna, there was a young boy named Faint. Born as a half-Elf, half-Fairy, his compassionate nature lead him to dream of serving the people of Karonna. With the assistance of his friends, Rue and Kailah, he forms his own guild. 


With monsters attacking the people of Karonna continuously, Faint's new guild is put to the test. Can they prove their worth to the mayor, and overcome this challenge? What other challenges could await them?



Playable Characters:



Name: Faint
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Zodiac: Leo
Description: Faint is a young Fairy Elf who has always dreamed of being in service to the people of Karonna. He’s a very kind and gentle being, very innocent, even. Unfortunately, there are a few people in Karonna who likes to bully and mistreat Faint just because he is born different. Do not be fooled by his harmless demeanor though, as Faint is actually a skilled fighter and healer who’s very dedicated in protecting the innocents.


Name: Kailah
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Zodiac: Virgo
Description: Kailah is one of Faint's childhood friends. She joins Faint on his quest to building a guild dedicated in protecting the town. Kailah is a very charming, straight-forward and systematic young lady. She is highly skilled in magic.


Name: Rue
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac: Aquarius
Description: Rue is one of Faint's childhood friends. He is an adventurous spirit who immediately joined Faint on his quest to protecting the town with their new found guild. Rue is a good friend to Faint, but is quite known for his temper. He can be emo and dark at times, too. He is very independent, though.


Name: Ven
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac: Pisces
Description: Ven is an eager warrior who wishes to join Faint's guild to protect the town. He may be quite young, but Ven is actually already a married man, a father, and a skilled warrior. Ven is very chill to be around, and he's loyalty, bravery and selfless-ness knows no bounds.


Name: Jinn
Age: 20
Zodiac: Gemini
Description: Jinn is a very pious woman who's devoted to Sunday masses at the Karonna church. She's very friendly, outgoing, religious and virtuous. Jinn joined Faint's guild shortly after knowing all about it from the Priest. She likes to call Faint her BFF and gets angry when Faint doesn't do the same.


Name: Madel
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Zodiac: Taurus
Description: Madel has always been Faint's secret admirer even since he started creating the guild. He sees Faint as her "Knight in Shining Armor", ready to sweep her off her feet. But Madel's quirky and naive nature makes it difficult for her to express herself, even though she's quite expressive. Madel joined Faint's guild shortly, and is quite skilled with the bow.


NPCs (Non-playable Characters):



Faint's Parents (Info below from left to right)
Name: Rolf and Ryla
Gender: Male / Female
Age: 49 / 44
Zodiac: Scorpio / Aquarius
Description: Faint's parents have always been supportive towards their two sons. Faint's elder brother, Mak, was actually adopted by Rolf and Ryla, when he was left at their doorstep during his infancy. But both parents still loved Mak as their own, just as they loved Faint. Rolf, though supportive, can be quite cautious and worry-some with how Faint is leading a dangerous path. Ryla, on the other hand, is very supportive towards Faint and believes in his capabilities.

Name: Mak
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Zodiac: Cancer
Description: Mak is Faint's adoptive elder brother. He was left at their family's doorstep when he was an infant. Mak is always seen hanging around with his friend Eman.


Name: Eman
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac: Gemini
Description: Eman is Mak's bestfriend and partner in crime when it comes to stuff like happy leaves, drinks, and ladies. 


Name: Remie
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac: Taurus
Description: Remie owns a manor at Karonna. He's sensual and can be very materialistic. Though generous, he is actually enjoying the fact that people are needing his financial help. Remie likes to relax on his manor all day, and have his servants entertain him like jesters. Remie is very wise when it comes to finances.


Name: Zed
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Zodiac: Libra
Description: Zed is a good friend to both Faint and Mak. Zed always gets lots of attention from the opposite sex for his handsomeness. 


Name: Leika
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Zodiac: Libra
Description: Leika is Zed's beautiful girlfriend. Leika is a very conservative woman, but has a temper when it comes to jealousy. 

Name: Bert
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Zodiac: Virgo
Description: Bert is an old acquaintance of Rue. He is very helpful and service oriented. Even though he's not a fighter, he still decides to join Faint's guild and help them in any way he can. Unfortunately, he and Rue seems to have a troubled past with each other. 


Ven's Family (Info below from left to right)
Name: Shayie and Farhan
Gender: Female / Male
Age: 19 / 5
Zodiac: Scorpio / Leo
Description: Ven's lovely wife (Shayie), and his fun-loving son (Farhan). Both Shayie and Farhan immediately decided to follow Ven to the town of Karonna as soon as they heard that Ven is getting recruited to Faint's guild. Ven really cares deeply for these two, just as the two shows him their undying love and support.


Name: Jork
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Zodiac: Aries
Description: Jork is Kailah's emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. Even though Kailah already wishes to move on with her life, Jork still persists on taking her back for himself. 

Bullies (Info below from left to right)
Name: Hayme, Sonn, and Skott
Gender: Male / Male / Male
Age: 17 / 18 / 16
Zodiac: Gemini / Scorpio / Sagittarius
Description: The bullies of Karonna. They like to pick on every kids in town just because they enjoy it. Though it's not a secret that all have troubled childhood, they're still acting very inappropriately. Faint, most especially, is their favorite target, for being a little too different.


Name: Mayor
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Zodiac: ??
Description: He is the Mayor of Karonna. Mysterious and puts up a practical front.


Name: Loyce
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Zodiac: Taurus
Description: She is the Mayor's lovely niece. Loyce is a very talented singer. She works as her Uncle's personal assistant and errand girl when it comes to sending specific announcements to certain people around town. 

The Heroes (Info below from left to right)
Name: Hilda, Dorothy, Eric and Aluxes
Gender: Female / Female / Male / Male
Age: 23 / 16 / 18 / 19
Zodiac: Cancer / Sagittarius / Taurus / Aquarius
Description: The popular heroes who are defending Karonna from beyond the walls.









- A Short, simple and fun 2 hours long game
- Engaging strategic free turn based battles
- Simple story-line with themes about friendship, faith and determination
- Small but beautiful areas to discover
- Colorful and fun characters to get to know with


Elf's Diary Goodies:

My simple art for Faint:




Finnuval 's awesome Faint art:




Elf's Diary Remastered Trailer:





- Cooltext.com
- ItaHoly (Windowskin)
- Liberty (Flower Clutter tile)
- monta!/Milano Cat (Battlers)
- Matseb2611 (Battle transition)
- FatYogi (GameOver screen)
- JKRoots (Title screen)
- Tkool
- Derex (Generator parts)
- Andy Chen (Animations)
- Hiddenone (Generator parts)
- Avery (Icon set)
- CreativeEd (Fire lighting)



- Yanfly
- Moghunter
- RPG Maker Source - http://www.rpgmakersource.com
- siChainlinks
- Yami
- Kread-Ez
- Archeia_Nessiah
- Levi Stepp
- KilloZapit
- TheoAllen


- Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.
- tobi (http://karugamo.tk/)
- D.C. Kairi Sawler



I hope that you guys will enjoy the game as much as I did making it. ^_^

Edited by Starmage11

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Hello everyone! I have simply decided to update Elf's Diary as a sort of distraction while patiently waiting for Rave Heart's release on steam soon. ^_^ :) Some people have told me that the gameplay was too easy to exploit, so I have decided to change that at least, and work on some balancing stuff as well, so that the enemies can be more challenging, but not as ultra-hard as the original version. :) Hope you all enjoy! ❤️




Remastered 2.5 Changelog:


- Many balance changes which are,
- Spammable aoe spells are no longer exploitable, as their damage output has been decreased by 40%
- Enemies and most especially the bosses have been buffed up a bit, as some players have told me they've become extremely underpowered after the nerfs due to some people stating that the original game was too difficult... Now I've given the bosses some buff in difficulty, but shouldn't be too hard as the original.
- Maximum Action Points have been reduced to 8. (From 10)
- Changed many of the dialogues to sound less "obnoxious" or "vulgar".

Edited by Starmage11

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Oh! A story about a half-elf half-fairy? Why I haven't heard of this project before? It speaks right to my interests!


.... Though historically speaking the word 'elf' and the word 'fairy' were often used interchangeably to refer to the same beings, but I could go on all day about all the different terminology and how it's often used and abused. I am just a huge nerd like that. XD

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Hello Kayzee!! And haha yes! I figured a fairy-themed character would intrigue someone like you! ❤️^_^ I'm glad it spoke to your interests! And oh, it's interesting to know that Elf and Fairy were both interchangeable names historically! 😮 That's really a new knowledge for me! :D Thanks so much for checking the project Kayzee!

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