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Change the type of terrain made around tiles.

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If I lay down certain tiles it'll have this brown ground box around it so it blends into the ground. Other ones have the light blue around it to blend into the water. I want to be able to control what terrain surrounds each tile, cause I have these ice tiles I made but every time they go into the game they get those brown boxes around them that make them look like ground and not floating ice.


Help would be appreciated.

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That's a feature called 'autotiles'. Unfortunately it dosn't quite work in the way you might want it too. Autotiles don't really care what tile they are surrounded with, they only care if it's the same autotile or not. You can't have one autotile that blends into multible tiles. Though I think there might be some weird exceptions where two autotiles are counted as the same so they will never blend into each other, but I am not sure. Autotiles have some weird hardcoded behavior sometimes, so I wouldn't be surprised.


The other confusing thing is there are two 'layers' that autotiles are placed on depending on the tile: One for ground tiles (like grass or water) and one for stuff that goes on top of that (like trees, fences, pits, and so on). The annoying thing is what autotile is on what layer is hardcoded. I mean, theoretically you can put any tile on any layer, but there is no way to actually do that in the editor. Since the layers don't effect each other, if you put your floating ice tile on another layer it won't cause any borders.


There is a special trick to autotiles though that can help though: The shift key can be used to mess around with how blocks effect surrounding blocks if you need to. It's kinda hard to describe how it works, but in brief: Holding shift when placing blocks or pasting will disable 'autotileing' and make it so the black you placed doesn't effect or get effected by any surrounding blocks. Holding shift while copying means it will remember exactly how the blocks connect together so that when you paste it with shift held down it will create an exact copy of the region you pasted without changing how blocks connect. This means you can totally screw around and make crap like this:




I know it looks simple but it's totally impossible to have that kind of layered patterns without shift clicking.

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