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[Solved] Multiple Currencies - Currency option no longer shows up in menu

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(I'm new and I'm not sure where everything goes and it looks like a couple other posts here are about help with scripts so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section)


I added Calestian's Multiple Currency script to my game and when I tested it everything worked fine


But then I added some more scripts and the currencies option no longer appears in the menu


I am using several Yanfly scripts including the Ace Menu Engine as well as the Class System (it adds a class option to the menu so I'm wondering if maybe that interfered with the currency menu option)


I would appreciate it if someone could help me get the currency option to appear in the menu again



Edit: Someone gave an answer elsewhere but I'm unable to see if it works as my computer doesn't want to load right now. I'm marking this as solved for now but may change it again if the suggestion doesn't work


Edit 2: The answer that the person gave me worked so I no longer need this topic solved

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