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Calestian's Multiple Currencies in YF Ace Menu

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I came up with a way to have @Calestian's Multiple Currencies show up in Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine.

@CristorcusHelix, no, the Class System script does not interfere.


Now, for simplicity's sake, I won't throw my entire script in the fray, just the pieces needed to get this working.


Below is the command that goes under COMMANDS:

      :currencies,   # Opens the currency window.
    ] # Do not remove this.


Below is the hash for all custom commands, which is what Currencies will be. Note that you can change what the menu command appears text wise by changing the Display Name (be sure to keep the quotes and comma there!), but don't change the command or the handler method.

    # :command => ["Display Name",  ShowSwitch, EnableSwitch,  Handler Method],
      :currencies => [  "Currencies",        0,        0, :command_currencies],
      :debug      => [       "Debug",        0,        0,      :command_debug],
      :shop       => [        "Shop",        0,        0,       :command_shop],
      :gogototori => [   "Synthesis",        0,        0,     :command_totori],
      :grathnode  => [   "Grathnode",        0,        0,    :command_install],
    } # Do not remove this.
  end # MENU
end # YEA


The handler method will go below the Scene_Menu portion at the bottom of the script. Be careful to copy and paste the code correctly.

  # new method: currencies
  def command_currencies
    return unless $imported['Clstn_Currencies']    


And that should do it. If there's any issue, give me a ring.

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Thank you so much @PhoenixSoul


My computer currently doesn't want to load so I can't test this yet but I will let you know how it goes and if I need your help again



Edit: I got my computer working long enough to make the changes and it works perfectly. Again, thank you so much

Edited by CristorcusHelix

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